Gorm Casper

Software developer with UX education
and more than 15 years of experience.



Interest Skill
JavaScript & Node25
C# & .NET10

The above table is a rough estimate of where I am in the different tech stacks. It is meant to help recruiters evaluate if I am interesting for (and could be interested in) a position they are trying to fill.


Full Stack developer / Issuu
2020 - present

Initially worked on the frontend for publishers, but transitioned to working on the conversion of PDFs, which is at the heart of the business.

Expert Software developer / Nordea
2017 - 2020

Working on the frontend at Nordea where I have built a set of ui components which will be used in most (all?) future web projects. I also regularly do workshops with other frontend developers, and have done a bit of mentoring as well. Latest project is laying the foundation for migrating more than 250K lines of AngularJS code to Angular.

Software developer / Founders
2015 - 2017

Working in a very small team in purely js (both front and back), creating prototypes, proof of concepts and what would eventually ammount to real projects.

Software developer / Zmags
2013 - 2015

Working with frontend and design in a team of about 9 developers and 2 designers on a web app. I did work ranging from maturing stories (pre development), to mocking up ideas for rapid testing, to implementing solutions in JavaScript. The frontend consisted of a Backbonejs framework, with LESS css, gruntjs, git, and npm included in the setup.

UX Designer & developer / Place2Book
2009 - 2013

My role was everything design, UX, and frontend, plus the rare backend fix when necessary. The backend was built in Ruby on Rails, and when I joined I introduced Sass, jQuery, and later CoffeeScript and Bootstrap.

Co-founder / Planely
2010 - 2012

Finding backenders to accompany me in building a web app. The backend was first written in PHP (Zend framework), but later we changed to Haskell and Yesod framework. I did everything design (both online and offline), presentations, team building and recruiting, as well as the entire frontend.

Teaching 2006 - 2012

Various small teaching jobs, both in secondary school (usually 8-10th grade) teaching one of my subjects; and while studying at ITU I have been TA in a Web Design course a few semesters giving lectures on jQuery and Javascript for beginners.

Freelancer 2002 - 2013

For a period of ten years or so I was taking in a lot of various small frontend and design projects on a freelance basis. The jobs was varied, ranging from simple static html pages to full fledged UX research and frontend implementation on existing backends.

CSS Spec work / whatwg

I took at year off studies to work with WHATWG on the spec for what became html5 and css3. The work I did consisted mostly of documenting css rendering errors in browsers. During this time I also worked on a friend’s startup that eventually failed.


Digital Design & Communication, ITU (Cand.It.) 2010 - 2013

Master in Digital Design & Communication with UX as speciality.

Blaagaard Seminarium 2005 - 2010

Bachelor in teaching mathematics, English, Social science, and History.

Danish Technical University, DTU 2002 - 2004

Chemical Engineering.